Visoanska Paris is a new French upscale skincare line with a well-deserved reputation for its innovative anti-aging products. Developed by Elisabeth Visoanska who works in conjunction with the best French specialists in cosmetology, biotechnology, and dermatology, Visoanska offers 12 anti-aging products, which combine the best of nature and cutting-edge advances in Biotechnology.

She has chosen not include petrochemical derivatives, parabens, silicones or chemical emulsions within any of her formulae as she feels this is the best way to respect the delicate balance of the skin. She does not constrain her formulas to Ecological labels in order to offer her consumers an optimal anti-aging action that meets their ultimate needs.

With 93% of the ingredients coming from natural sources, the skincare line was created based on ingredients chosen for their ability to protect and provide exceptional resistance to the most hostile environments. According to Elisabeth Visoanska, Visoanska is not about going back in time, it is a huge progress into the future, because each of these ingredients has been optimized by an avant-garde biotechnology and their concentration in each product is, to date, unparalleled.

Seeking the most potent natural anti-aging sources that nature has to offer, the company utilizes ingredients, such as basic red fiber baobab, which is rich in antioxidants and 65 times more effective at collagen building than vitamin C. With a sophisticated combination of factors, which stimulate cellular regeneration and longevity factors, the anti-aging line is intended for savvy consumers who are proactive in their approach to warding off preventable signs of aging.

The awarding of "Young Innovative Company" by the French Ministry of Superior Education and Research in 2009 set Visoanska apart from its competitors. As the anti-aging fight is not limited to cosmetics, Elisabeth Visoanska chooses to complement her topical creams with nutritional supplements. Formulated from a high concentration in red baobab fiber, combined with numerous vegetal active ingredients enriched in polyphenols, anti-oxidation vitamins and trace elements, these genuinely packed little tablets provide a solid basis for anti-ageing, which benefit the entire body.

Elisabeth Visoanska, who highly values the packaging of her skincare line, designed elegant, light and practical bottles to associate each of the cream formulas with its specific nutritional supplement.

Visoanska was awarded the "Oscar of Packaging 2007" for its double airless reservoir that protects the long-term effectiveness of our numerous active ingredients. Visoanska intends to offer the best of high cosmetology, as preserving our youthfulness does not mean stopping the course of time but living life with continually growing passion.


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