Gwen Whiting and Lindsey Boyd weren't always international soap mavens, delighting fashioistas, value seekers, and environmentalists from New York to New Delhi. Many laundry cycles ago, they were young fashion enthusiasts, launching careers in one of the world's best-dressed cities. As Lindsey and Gwen invested in building their wardrobes, they were confronted with the frustration of maintaining them: replacing prematurely worn items and paying painful dry-cleaning bills. As graduates from Cornell University's Fiber Science, Textile and Apparel Management and Design program, they saw an opportunity to advance the world of fabric care.

Hanging the Cleaners Out to Dry
A little research revealed that 90% of their items labeled "Dry Clean Only" were actually washable. While their young-adult budgets seemed to be ever-shrinking, the body of information about the toxic hazards of dry cleaning continued to grow. Eliminating the need for dry cleaning became an integral component of their plan to master both the art and science of laundering.

Putting the "Care" in Fabric Care
Sure, Gwen and Lindsey wanted laundry products that would clean their clothes safely and effectively. However, they also wanted products that would care for their clothes. Sick of retiring their graying whites, their pilling sweaters, and their faded swimsuits after just a few wears, they dreamed of a long, beautiful life for their favorite pieces.  

Enter The Laundress
Beginning in 2002, the pair spent two years researching and developing the very elixirs they longed for. Their results are the highly effective, toxin-free line of laundry and home cleaning products you find today-online and in stores around the world. Each product is carefully crafted to work its magic on a specific fabric or surface with outstanding results.  With "dry cleaning" increasingly becoming a dirty word and everyone looking for ways to get the most out of each dollar, high-quality cleaning and clothing care products have become more and more popular, with The Laundress leading the way.  

A work of art built on science, The Laundress collection is sophisticated, eco-conscious, and easy to use. Gwen and Lindsey have been "taking the chore out of doing laundry" since 2004.


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