Sample sets

We kindly inform, that you can test each perfume from the wide offer of Perfumery Quality. We invite you to visit our Perfumery or - if for some reason it is not possible - to purchase samples in our online boutique. Sample ordering option is available at each fragrance from our offer.

Especially for you we have prepared a unique set of samples. Thanks to them, you will experience the best fragrances and skin care products in the world from the largest in Poland offer of exclusive products from Perfumery Quality.

We encourage you to look for the fragrances and skin care products you are dreaming about!

Some regulations of purchasing of samples in Perfumery Quality:

Purchasing of samples is possible only in our online shop.
The sample set must not contain two or more of the same products.
All fragrance samples we prepare manually and we put them into small glass or plastic spray vials with the capacity of approx. 1.2 ml (unless otherwise noted). We are sending only original samples of skin care products, we do not repackage them.


For more details please visit: this page