Nabucco L'almanach
"The essences of earth, sky and all intermediary elements can only reveal their power when they combine in the heart of a human being."
- Confucianism, 600 BC

The 4 pillars
The Nabucco philosophy is constructed upon 4 fundamental pillars. Proportionally united, these pillars exemplify a place of thought and action. At the centre of this place is our energy, your product.

- Knowledge
A capital letter "N" is a representation of an infinity sigh, flush left and centered, within a rectangle. The connection of the rectangle, through the infinity sign to the rest of the page, expresses the convergence between our limited knowledge and that of the universe... inner and outer.
Could the perfume be a door of a hidden knowledge?

- Initiation
Behind a mask, one can freely express oneself: liberated of any social stigma. We free ourselves from the norms, observing and borrowing from time, to have a wider canvas to express our emotions, our expertise and our values.
Is perfume a mask?

- Work
Aesthetic and functional, Mashrabiya is a piece of art that exemplifies comfort and discretion. The harmony of its motif represents the skills of the artisan, who moves with the rhythm of his tools, refining and smoothing imperfections along the way. Art endowed with function is a system of thought that we apply to our lives and express discreetly through our work.
Is it possible to exhibit an olfactory work of art?

- Transmission
The hands of the artisan give rise to the product that the archaeologist will reveal. This object will have been passed from one pair of hands to the next, and the knowledge, experience and craftmanship with which it was created gives it life. Thanks to this transmission, expertise can prosper and ascend through time.
Can perfume be an instrument for measuring knowledge?

The 3 perceptions
It is the story of an encounter between artisans and archaeologists. They crossed paths, and joined forces to write an almanac dedicated to perfumes. It is built in the image of humankind, in 3 parts, with 3 perceptions.

Spirit - Moon - Thought
Body - Earth - Senses
Soul - Sun - Emotion

The algorithm
The Nabucco algorithm is the epitome of our philosophy.
It brings together our 4 pillars and 3 perceptions into one symbol.




NABUCCO Gamma, Phi, Lambda Parfum Fin