Since its establishment in November 1959, Nippon Menard Cosmetic Co., Ltd., has involved itself in the concept of beauty, based on its corporate philosophy of "Seeking True Beauty".

Having developed a large number of cosmetics, health food products, jewelry and lingerie, the company has single-mindedly served "female beauty" through the sales of these products. The name Menard comes from the captivating goddess Maenad, who served the Greek god Dionysus (Bacchus in Latin), famous as the god of procreation and production, as well as the god of wine. Founder and current chairman Daisuke Nonogawa named the company himself.

The company operates under five keywords that guide its daily work since the beginning:
- Cultural Enterprise - Menard presents the beauty of life and culture beyond cosmetics
- Scientific Enterprise - Menard is proud of its excellent research and development and goes on seeking Beauty
- International Enterprise - Menard is expanding the "Beauty network" to the world
- Enjoyable Enterprise - Menard considers the social contribution through Beauty its mission and wishes to offer an enjoyable life to people
- Human Enterprise - all people concerned with Menard are working together to reach common goals

Menard believes that the progress of science, and the world of nature, hold a wealth of hidden beauty potential. Our efforts to develop new ingredients span the globe. These ingredients are turned into marketable products only after being evaluated objectively for safety and effectiveness from the wide-ranging standpoints of dermatology, medicine, pharmacology, biology and other fields.

Menard is dedicated to bringing revolutionary new ingredients to the market first, meeting the customers' diverse needs, and fostering the desire to look and feel one's best within and without.

About 100 research staff with academic backgrounds that straddle multiple fields and disciplines are developing new ingredients by applying the latest biotechnology to fundamental ideas. In the field of dermatological research, they are challenging the task of identifying the skin mechanisms on the genetic level.

Stem cells give rise to all sorts of cells that form the tissues and organs of the body. In recent years, stem cells in regenerative medicine have been the focus of worldwide attention. Menard is conducting research into stem cells that generate skin, focusing on the themes of "where beautiful skin comes from" and ?whether beautiful skin can be continuously generated,? and exploring new frontiers in cosmetics.

Menard scientists have also worked on various ingredients for each line of products to guarantee both quality and results. For example, they worked on Reishi for Embellir, vitamin C for Fairlucent, collagen for Colax and Selenicereus for Tsukika. The company is also constructively involved in joint research programs with university hospitals as well as in making presentations at academic seminars. This devotion to research has made the company widely known and recognized especially for its dermatological research on skin cells.

To achieve the company`s goal, which is providing nothing less than complete customer satisfaction, Menard first implements a marketing research in order to accurately identify needs. Then, by mixing its culture with hi-tech science and minute considerations, Menard creates a new style of "beauty". Menard products not only include foundation, makeup, hair and body products, fragrance and men's cosmetics, but also health food that helps building beauty and health from within the body. The company is meeting the wishes of the customers with assuredly safe and good quality products.

Menard's priority is internationalization in order to convey widely its lifestyle and the excellence of its products. Since 2004, distribution agreements have been contracted with Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Poland, Netherland, Ukraine, Kuwait and Vietnam. The firm now exports its products in more than 31 countries.


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