Lalibela, Manoa, Siwa, Inle, Jannat - the chosen places, real or imaginary, are steeped in history and symbolism, with a capacity for projection and escapism, and the olfactory metamorphosis at play gives them new roots. They will be feminine, masculine, delicate, sensual, fun and amorous surprise... 


MEMO Bathing Retreat Body Collection
MEMO Cuirs Nomades: Sicilian Leather
MEMO Graines Vagabondes: Corfu
MEMO 10th anniversary: Eau de Memo
MEMO Argentina
MEMO Art Land: Marfa
MEMO Art Land: Sintra
MEMO Art Land: Tiger's Nest
MEMO Art Land: Winter Palace
MEMO Car diffuser
MEMO Cuirs Nomades: African Leather
MEMO Cuirs Nomades: French Leather
MEMO Cuirs Nomades: Irish Leather
MEMO Cuirs Nomades: Italian Leather
MEMO Cuirs Nomades: Moroccan Leather
MEMO Cuirs Nomades: Ocean Leather
MEMO Cuirs Nomades: Oriental Leather
MEMO Cuirs Nomades: Russian Leather
MEMO Escales Extraordinaires: African Rose
MEMO Escales Extraordinaires: Irish Oud
MEMO Graines Vagabondes: Siwa
MEMO Graines Vagabondes: Tamarindo
MEMO Graines Vagabondes: Vaadhoo
MEMO Home Rattan Diffusers
MEMO Leather Travel Cases
MEMO Les Echappées: Inle
MEMO Les Echappées: Lalibela
MEMO Les Echappées: Luxor Oud
MEMO Les Echappées: Shams Oud
MEMO Scented Candles