It's with a great pride that Jovoy as a perfume house is now becoming as known for its Parisian boutique, as for its perfumes and candles collection. If Jovoy, created in 1923 by Blanche Arvoy, had to wait till 2006 to be output from oblivion, the new line of eau de parfums was made for lovers of beautiful raw materials, looking for contemporary fragrances, made in partnership with master perfumers... 


JOVOY Musc Pallas
JOVOY 21 Conduit Street
JOVOY Candles
JOVOY Fire at Will
JOVOY Incident Diplomatique
JOVOY L'Art de la Guerre
JOVOY La Liturgie des Heures
JOVOY Les Jeux sont Faits
JOVOY Pavillon Rouge
JOVOY Private Label
JOVOY Psychédélique
JOVOY Remember me
JOVOY Touche Finale