Honoré des Prés is a modern perfume House "set in Parisian greenery" and established to bring together all available professional and artistic talents to serve simple and benevolent ecology.


Farming engineers, cardboard craftsmen, tomorrow's organic laboratory, enchanted perfumers and imagination designer all work together to change the perfume world.

Honoré des Prés went to the source of perfume in Grasse to meet and work with Robertet, a perfumer renowned for his stock of natural ingredients and his fabulous trips in search of the most rare and precious olfactory harvests.

Robertet has participated in the creation by collecting exceptional and rare essences, all carrying the Ecocert Organic Label.

All the perfume include no petrochemical products or synthetic perfumes, are free of colouring agents and phthalates, are produced without animal testing or ingredients of animal origin and contain no elements which aggress the skin.