Creating a new perfume is an intellectual art, involving a marvel of chemistry that gives birth to a key element of style. It's a process that is near impossible to describe, as the end product becomes a part of its wearer and ultimately an expression of character as well as personality.


Yet the journey begins with a small glass bottle, closed eyes and a sprinkle of fragrance; an intimate encounter that heightens the senses that allows us to breathe in the assonances, harmonies and nostalgia that the Etro fragrance bring to the table.

Originally created in 1989, Etro's fragrance collection now includes 25 individual scents, containing pure concentrates of varying emotions and flavours. Such fragrances become a part of our universe, evoking colour and embracing the senses, each of which begin to tell their own unique story.


ETRO Dianthus
ETRO Greene Street
ETRO Heliotrope
ETRO Jacquard
ETRO Lemon Sorbet
ETRO Marquetry
ETRO Messe de Minuit
ETRO Vicolo Fiori