We are familiar with the greatest virtuosos of perfume art, the creators of stunning skin care cosmetics and outstanding make-up artists. We visit the perfum capitals of the world and we test hundreds of products each year in order to respond your needs and dreams professionally. We are doing it to share with you our knowledge and experience during the frangrance and beauty workshops.


We organize our workshops for the beauty connoiseurs, so we kindly invite all those, who are perfume passionates, curious about their ingredients and the process of their creation. We are also waiting for people who want to provide an optimum care for their skin to enjoy its beauty as well as for those who are interested in the art of make-up and would like to reveal its secrets.


During the fragrance workshops we analyze the perfume ingredients, learning about the process of their creation, talk about perfumers` work and advice how to choose, wear and store perfume. We also teach how to distinguish the head, heart and base notes, we present natural and synthetic essences and, of course, we answer all your questions.


During the beauty workshops we teach Japanese techniques of automassage and proper facial treatment and cosmetics application. We also prepare individual skin care programs for all participants.


During the make-up workshops we reveal the secrets of beautiful skin and correct make-up, we advice how to select products, we help to choose the best colors matching the personal type of beauty and the latest trends and finally we teach how to make a daily make-up quickly.

Duration: frangrance and make-up workshops approx. 1.5 hour, beauty workshops approx. 2 hours.

Information on planned workshops are published in advance on Perfumery Missala Quality website, and FB.


We will organize the workshops in every convenient location. Please contact us at [email protected], +48 508 087 682.