Gabriella Chieffo
The creations of Gabriella Chieffo sublimate the most authentic part of us in an idyllic olfactory journey which originates in memory, finds lifeblood in introspection and finally arrives at a state of redemption.


The search for lost time is expressed through an olfactory plot line which, starting from the 2014 collection, winds its way through the narrative power of Lye, Camaheu, Ragu and Hystera, four fragrances the very use of which will create an epiphany. In 2015, with Acquasala and Variazione di Ragu, the search for the self, the profound, mediated by reflection, affixes its distinctive seal to the emotional heritage rooted in all of us.
With the 2016 collection, the olfactory parable has been enriched by a concept of femininity, of a woman, taken to the extreme, where experience becomes meaning and destiny, fulfilment.
An invincible woman, who defies the darkness of the unknown and of prejudice, to face the overwhelming power of Love. Even when this takes on uncomfortable connotations, it ennobles in extreme sacrifice, becoming the absolute desire of self-affirmation. Engaged in a painful process, slashing into the darkness, the soul is manifested in shadows that emit noise, capable of screaming out loud one's very being and creating their own destiny.



Gabriella Chieffo, eclectic and restless spirit, starts her research in the world of artistic perfumery to create the right formulas for fragrances rich in emotional energy. Her rebellious and unconventional soul leads Gabriella Chieffo to innovative, structurally different projects in art, design and engineering. The covalent bond between art-environmentenergy shapes her inner life and pushes her towards new and ever more distant goals.

Lover of cooking and good food, she searches and discovers what she feels in addition to what she knows, achieving the design of a line of artistic perfumes, unique and unparalleled, that express the need of the more profound aspects of perception and memory. The same need that is also the desire to freeze time, to recall the things that matter. A precise choice that does not in any way constitute a limit or a sacrifice to reinvent oneself. On the contrary. The scream of utter simplicity, together with the use of natural and primordial materials, are a constant and unique stimulus for Gabriella Chieffo to anticipate time.

Gabriella Chieffo is a niche perfumes brand born in the 2014 and presented for the first time at Pitti Fragranze, in Florence, the same year. It is an independent Made in Italy brand, sold just in the best niche perfumeries.
In less than two years it reached very important goals and unanimous approval both from people and from critics. Thanks to a high profile communication and to a selective choice of the best fragrances boutiques, Gabriella Chieffo became a case history not only for its brand awarness, but also for its achievements.

Maison Gabriella Chieffo it is the only brand to present its creations at the Expo in Milano, through an event that mixed tastes, scents and art. The brand always presents its fragrances through innovative art installations able to capture the media's international attention.
A continuous review process makes current techniques ancient, while yesterday's inspiration becomes tomorrow's challenge. In a mutual relationship between past and present, the relentless pursuit of materials, design and projects becomes a dwelling place for emotive, kaleidoscopic universes, woven with hidden meanings.
That's why the caps in Lecce stone of the previous collections become, in the new collection, sophisticated creations inspired by the cementine technique, in a mutual relationship between past and present.




GABRIELLA CHIEFFO Variazione di ragù