1. The owner of online boutique at is Quality Missala (register No 1406, ul. Kędzierskiego 3B, 01-493 Warszawa, NIP: 527-025-16-25, REGON: 011014195, tel. +48226387447, fax +48226387444, email: hereinafter referred to as Owner.


2. Online boutique at is leading mail order sale of perfume and cosmetics on the territory of Poland and in other selected countries. Through the mail order is available only for the range of products accessible at online boutique at

3. Regulations define the rules of purchasing at online boutique at

4. Placing an order is tantamount to acceptance of all provisions of Regulations.


5. The customers of online boutique at may be individuals who are at least 18 years old and have full legal capacity, legal persons and organizations without legal personality, which can acquire rights and incur obligations in their own name. The individuals who are at least 13 years old, but under 18 years old may be the customers in the field in which they can acquire rights and incur obligations according to the provisions of applicable law.


6. All goods available at the boutique are original products.

7. Information at the website of the boutique at are not an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code. A customer who places an order using the tools available at the boutique website makes an offer to buy a particular product under the conditions specified in the product description at the time of ordering.

8. The sales contract comes into the effect at the prices valid at the time of submission of an offer by the offer user, subsequently adopted by Owner. However, Owner reserves the right to make changes in the offer, particularly in connection with the withdrawal the products from sale, products unavailability or pricing change connected with the need to rectify a mistake at In case of the above circumstances we will immediately inform the customer who placed an order. If the customer do not accept the new conditions, an order for a certain product will not be realized.



9. The moment of conclusion of sale contract occurs together with a written acknowledgement of receipt of.




10. An order can be made by any person mentioned in paragraph 5 at with all necessary personal information. The data will be processed in accordance to the Act of August29th , 1997 on the protection of personal data (Journal of Laws No 133, item 833, as amended).

11. Orders are accepted only throuhg the electronic form available at No registration or logging in are necessary to proceed.


12. Only correctly filled and sent forms will be processed.


13. Owner reserves the right to withdraw from realization of the order of a customer whose data are uncomplete or given evidence raises doubt concerning their correctness.


14. If a customer checked "COD" box in the form, Owner reserves the right to confirm the order (by phone or by an email to customer`s address given during the registration).


15. The cancellation of an order by a customer is possible only before sending the goods. To cancel an order, contact the boutique: +48226387447.


Terms of delivery

16. Orders are sent immediately (usually the same or next business day after placing an order), not later than in 5 business days starting from the date of booking the payment on the account.

17. In case of unexpected circumstances that make the goods cannot be given to the courier or to the post, a customer is informed on the fact and on the delivery delay in accordance to paragraph 14.

18. The goods are delivered by courier or post to the address given during the registration or in the order form. All orders of more than 400.00 PLN are sent by courier with no charges. At the customer`s request and responsibility, orders of more than 400.00 PLN can be sent by Poczta Polska (priority letter or priority parcel).


19. Shipping costs will be added to ordered goods price depending on the size of the order and the form of payment. Orders of more than 100.00 PLN are sent free of charge by Poczta Polska (priority letter or priority parcel). If the amount is lower than 100.00 PLN, the postal charge of 7.00 PLN is added. Orders of more than 400.00 PLN are sent free of charge by courier. If the amount is lower than 400.00 PLN, the courier charge of 15.00 PLN is added.

Shipping for European countries costs 60.00 PLN. Outside of Europe the delivery costs are 95.00 PLN




20. The warranty and the right to withdrawal do not apply when the product is mechanically damaged. In order to preserve the right to warranty, the buyer is obliged to check - before accepting the parcel from the post or the courier - whether the packaging or the products has not been damaged during transportation. If the shipping container or the product bear the markings of damage, the buyer should not accept the delivery and make a damage report in the presence of a courier or a postal staff and contact the boutique at www. The procedure of checking the shipment during its reception in the presence of a courier or a postal staff is a prerequisite for investigation of any claim for the damage or the theft in transportation.


21. According to the Act of March 2nd , 2000 on the protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by dangerous products (Journal of Laws No 22, item 271, art. 7, paragraph 1), within 10 days from the delivery of the ordered goods, the consumer is entitled to return it without giving reasons within the withdrawal, according to the general rules laid down in the provisions on distance contracts, subject to art. 10 paragraph 3 of the Act. The goods returned in this mode will be accepted only if returned with the receipt, in the original undamaged box, with complete contents and the product is not damaged and bears no signs of use.


22. If you want to make use of the aforementioned right to return goods, the goods should be returned at your expense to: Perfumeria Quality, ul. Kędzierskiego 3B, 01-493 Warszawa. The return shipment should be accompanied by a written statement of the withdrawal from the contract and the account number to which the boutique has to return the payment. The boutique will test the product within 2 working days. If the product meets the requirements set out in paragraph 20 of the regulations, the return will be accepted. If the sale was based on VAT invoice, the credit memo will be issued and its original and the copy will be sent to the customer as priority letter. The customer is obliged to send back a signed copy of the credit memo. After receiving the signed copy of credit memo, Owner shall refund to money to the customer within 7 working days.


23. When the goods are returned without giving the reason, the customer pays the shipping cost. This fee is not understood as compensation in accordance with art. 7, paragraph 2 of the Act of March 2nd 2000 on the protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by dangerous products (Journal of Laws No 22, item 271).


24. If the product has manufacturing defects or has been damaged during the shipment, please send it by the post with the receipt or the invoice and a description of the cause of complaint. After investigating the complaint, Owner has the right:

a. not to consider the complaint and send the product back to the customer and on the customer cost

b. to consider the complaint and replace the product for the product of standard value

c. to consider the complaint and offer other products available in the boutique

d. to consider the complaint and return the money


25. If Owner considered the complaint, the equivalent of the postal charge for shipment of the defective goods will be refunded to the customer immediately after considering the complaint.

26. We do not accept any packages returned to us as COD (cash of delivery).


Methods of payment


27. The fee for ordered goods can be transferred to Owner account:  43150011261211200143760000. The goods will be sent after receipt of the money.


28. In case of choosing COD (cash on delivery), the buyer pays to the courier or postal staff. For orders of more than 400.00 PLN, COD is free of charge. If the amount is lower than 400.00 PLN, the charge of 6.00 PLN is added.


29. There is the possibility to pay through PayU (credit cards or bank transfers) or PayPal.


Privacy Policy


30. The personal data referred to in paragraph 8 are collected by Owner in order to conduct sales and marketing activities. Each user of boutique at www. transmit its data voluntarily and has the right to access the personal data, their correction or to make a request to remove them from data base.


Final arrangements


31. By placing an order the customer agrees to authorize the Owner to issue VAT invoices or puchase receipts without the recipient signature.


32. If the buyer is a natural person (who does not operate business activity), the Owner will issue the cash register receipt for each order. VAT invoice will be issued only on customer request.


33. If the sale is made to an entity operating business activity, the Owner will issue the VAT invoice each time, after receiving the required information via e-mail.

34. All prices are given in PLN (Polish zloty) and include all duties and taxes, including VAT (gross prices).

35. The Owner reserves the right to change the Regulations. New Regulations apply from the date of its publication at


36. The customer of boutique at is obliged to keep the confidentiality of the account data (username, password) so that unauthorized persons could not enter the account. At the same time the customer is responsible for any consequences of the actions that have been performed using the data given by the customer.

37. In the matters not regulated by the Regulations, the Civil Code provisions are applicable. Any disputes will be dealt by the court competent for the seat of the Owner.


38. Regulations came into force on May 28th, 2013.